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3 Major Advantages of kick-starting your Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden. 

Does this word thrill you as much as it does to me? But, are you worried about where to start and how to process like a pro? Here are a few ideas that will boost your confidence to go ahead with just the thrilling idea of a kitchen garden. It is very cheap to start, very cheap to care, and highly rewarding in the end. 

How to Start a Kitchen Garden

Staring a kitchen garden is a child’s play. I mean literally, it’s child play. Choose your favorite seeds from your pantry or fridge- say, seeds like fenugreek, cumin, coriander, fennel, mustard chilly from your pantry cupboard and seeds like pomegranate, sapodilla, lemon, bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, and so on from the refrigerator-and start your very own green space. If you have the medium to grow them then the world is your oyster.

Now that you have a fair idea of how to start your kitchen garden let me tell you 3 Major Advantages of kick-starting your kitchen garden

  • The bliss of Fresh Food

In the age of processed food, it is definitely bliss to consume fresh produce. Imagine dressing up your salad or garnishing your gravies using fresh herbs which were grown by you. Isn’t that an achievement all by itself? It is a luxury to eat not just fresh produce but eat what is chemical-free too. Let’s not forget that when you harvest from your kitchen garden you will be mindful of what you need will not waste any.

From microgreens, herbs to green leafy vegetables, all of them are easy to grow and help you to be cost-effective without compromising on your health. 

  • Being a Part of the Great Ecosystem

Once you have tasted success with gardening, you will surely never stop. The desire to do more starts from here. When I say “do more” I mean -a gardener giving back to nature. Yes! You can do more than gardening in your garden without spending a lot on plants with fancy names. I don’t want to beat around the bush, so here is the idea to be part of the ecosystem. When you grow flowering plants make sure to grow local/native plants which the pollinators of your soil can understand. Fennel, mustard, lemon, Curry leaves plant are some of them which help in improving the population of pollinators.   

  • Group Activity

Gardening is, no doubt, a good activity. What is considered to be good should be a habit. And what is habit should transform into a legacy. Therefore gardening should be a legacy. Like I mentioned it already, gardening is child’s play. So why not include kids in that activity. When you do things for your kitchen garden rope in your kids so that they will understand where and how food comes to their plate. This makes them appreciate food better and in times like this pandemic, where they are caged inside the house, nothing can be more effectively therapeutic more than a kitchen garden.

A kitchen garden is a slice of your personality. Whatever you experiment with will turn either into a success or learning. So keep experimenting till we meet you with another article.


About Author

Vishnupriya is a Bengaluru based small space gardener. She specialise in sustainable gardening in small space.

Vishnupriya Ramadas

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