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Gardening Originals is a one-stop solution for all level of gardeners who are looking to succeed in gardening.We provide tools, tips and information that is easy to understand and in a language you can relate to no matter your level of knowledge. You don’t have to be an expert gardener to enjoy the benefits of Gardening Originals. We can help beginners get off on the right foot by providing clear, simple instructions and sourcing their new plants from trusted nurseries. We can also serve as a valuable resource for more advanced gardeners looking for better design or specific plant advice. Whether you just want booming tomato plants or are considering transforming your backyard into a year round living art gallery, we’re here to help you achieve your gardening goals.Gardening Originals started in 2022 with the goal of educating people about gardening and providing high quality products at affordable prices so that more people could care for their gardens—whether they have one box or an entire property!

We are here to help you succeed.
You’re busy, mom of two, just bought your first house and decided to add some landscaping and gardening. You’ve got a shovel, rake, wheelbarrow – and your fresh starts! Except you don’t know what the heck to do with them. You’re not alone.
That’s why we created Gardening Originals. 

Gardening Originals purely started in my family, where my dad used to always look online for all his gardening problems and doubts. He is a pure enthusiast when it comes to gardening but always ends up finding half gardening information. Hence, I thought of starting this blog to help him with his gardening doubts and problem. 


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