At Gardening Originals, We are inspired by gardening & would like to invite you to be the one among us to inspire & share knowledge of Gardening & decor in English or Hindi language. If you also are a part of the same fraternity, We are inviting you to join as a Guest writer by submitting your blog or articles in any or both languages. Anyone who’s aware of blogging online can become a guest here.

Now, all you’ve to do is,

  • Send us a mail at with a subject line – 

Subject: “Interested to join Gardening Originals as a Guest Writer!”

After you mail, We will get in touch with you for further assistance. 

Please read the below guidelines for Guest post & writer:

  • The submission should be fresh and not been published anywhere before so that we won’t have to deal with any copyright/ownership issues. 
  • We accept editable DOC / TXT files of 600 words (Minimum).
  • Once the article is submitted, The submission will pass through this simple process of Submit – Review – Design – Publish

Below is the process of Submit – Review – Design – Publish

  • Submit – Send us your content i.e. an attachment via email.
  • Review – This means we’ll reviewing your content just to check three main areas.
  1. The context of the submitted article is suitable for the readers or not.  
  2. If the content has a good length. It shouldn’t be too short or too lengthy.
  3. If the content is consistent and error-free in grammar and punctuation, mostly.  
  • Design – With your consent, the reviewed draft will be forwarded to the technical team just to format, style, and keep it ready for the next publishing slot.

(This is when you’ll get an email saying, “Congratulations! Your post will be published on DD/MM/YYYY this month!”)

  • Publish- Here, We’ll publish it with your name and author description.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow.”

Let’s construct a Stronger and larger reader community of all time. 

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