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10 Easy plants for Beginners

Many people postpone the idea to garden because they don’t know where to start from. Worry not! Here is the ultimate guide to help you with the basics.

If you are interested in having some green friends in your balcony or terrace and also willing to spare some of your precious time in taking care of them then you have already done the hardest part in the process of gardening. The remaining part will be an ABSOLUTE FUN. Trust me when I say this, the part that comes after allotting a space and time is ABSOLUTE FUN. Because this is where your plant collection begins.

When collecting your plants, as a beginner your first work is to find plants that are easy to grow. Here is a list of easy-to-grow plants for beginners.

  • Pothos

Pothos plant

  • Snake Plant

snake plant

  • Lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo plant

  • Jade plant

jade plant

  • ZZ plant

zz plant

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant

  • Spider plant

Spider plant

  • Fern

fern plant

  • Coleus plant

Coleus plant

  • Monstera/ Swiss Cheese plant

Swiss Cheese plant

 The above-mentioned 10 plants for beginners are a great way to start your garden. Though they are from different species and have different names they all have one thing in common. MAINTENANCE. They all fall under the low-maintenance category.

Plant Care

How to grow

All these 10 plants can be shopped from a nearby nursery at a cheaper rate or can be propagated from a mother plant. The best part in propagating is you can do it in two ways- either by water or by soil. While propagating through water, make sure you change the water every 2 days and clean the container. While doing a soil propagation the key factor is not to over water or expose to direct sunlight.


These plants do not require direct sunlight. It is enough if they are placed in such a way where there will be indirect sunlight. Once the plants have grown more than 30 cms we can keep them in direct sunlight twice a month. Even if you skip this step out of laziness the plant will not be angry with you. So Chill. You are still right.


This is where all the new gardener will go wrong. Please don’t mistake my words. It is natural for any gardener to become excited and over water a plant when it shows signs of healthy existence.  Regarding the plants that we were so far talking about, there is only one rule for watering. Check the soil at least an inch deep and if you feel it dry then provide some water.


Fertilizer is the food for the plants’ health. Every plants need fertilizer. The plants that’s given in the list is no exception. But…wait! Like mentioned in the title these 10 plants are easy to maintain. So using a slow fertilizer like compost can be added just while preparing your soil mix. After that any homemade liquid fertilizer will suffice.


These plants will stay happy in any well-drained soil.


If you are growing these plants in container, then you have to follow either of the two ways. Either you prune the plant regularly to help the plant stay in a small pot or you repot them when it outgrows a small pot.

If you are new to gardening then consider yourself as a baby in this field and start with simple plants to motivate you. For this is going to make you happy and give you rewarding experiences. Happy gardening!

About Author

Vishnupriya is a Bengaluru based small space gardener. She specialise in sustainable gardening in small space.

Vishnupriya Ramadas

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