Top 3 different types of gardening pot

Top 3 Different Types of Gardening Pot | Types of Containers

There are a wide variety of Flower/gardening pots available in the market. Choosing a flower pot & gardening containers depends from person to person and the kind of garden space you want for yourself. 

It also depends on the kind of flower or plant you’ll be growing in that pot. It is very important to keep in mind that the size of the pot plays an important role to support plant growth all season and there must be a proper drainage hole in the button of the pot. 

Choosing the right pot for your plants is important but it is also important to choose a premium quality pot mix (soil) to give plants a strong & healthy start. 

Every person or gardener has an understanding of the plant pots. If you do not have a firm opinion or understanding, this Blog will help you understand what are the top 3 different types of gardening pots and types of containers available in the market.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Pots are one of the commonly preferred indoor pots and planters. Ceramic pots look beautiful and they can be decorated and used as an interior element. 

Ceramic pots are more appealing especially when glazed or painted to provide design. They are porous which helps the plants by providing air and moisture, even down to the roots level. 

Ceramic Pots have thick walls which protect the plants from the sudden temperature change & protect the plants from absorbing excessive heat. It can also trap water and moisture within the soil thereby giving a healthier environment for the plant. 

As we speak about its advantages, ceramic pots are breakable & repotting can be very challenging as they can crack during the process. Ceramic pots are heavy to carry and become hard to move from one place to another. (It depends on the size & the quality of the ceramic pots) . You can now Buy Ceramic Pots online

Aloe Vera Plant In Ceramic Pot
Blue Ceramic pots for indoor & outdoor garde

Clay Pots

Clay pots are made of a particular soil and fired in pits during the manufacturing process that leads to permanent changes helping them to increase the strength and rigidity of the pots.

Clay pots provide a healthy environment for most plants as it’s porosity helps air & moisture to penetrate the sides of the pot, which in return helps the roots. 

Clay pots also help to remove excess moisture from the potting soil. Now it depends from person to person & their watering habits. 

It is good for a person or a gardener who tends to over-water the plants, as clay pots dry out more quickly than other pots. This will probably benefit the plants. Clay pots also have thick walls that help them from rapid changes in the weather.

Clay pot for plants
(Terracotta) Clay pot for garden

Plastic Pots

When it comes to plastic pots there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Plastic pots are multifaceted, lightweight, Strong, durable & most importantly affordable. They are available in every color in the rainbow which makes them more attractive. 

Plastic cannot draw off liquid by capillary action that clay has made them an excellent choice for moisture-loving plants or for those gardeners who water infrequently and wait for the signals from their plants for watering.

Above are some of the advantages of plastic pots now let’s talk about their disadvantages. Plastic Pots Attracts and stores heat if left in direct sunlight, leading to premature wilting. Plastic pots are also more prone to fade out when left in direct contact with sunlight. There are different qualities of plastic pots available in the market depending on the kind of plants you want to grow which can be toxic if you’re about to grow vegetables and fruits for consumption.

If you choose to use a plastic pot for your garden space, make sure that the plastic pot is recyclable & nature friendly. Try not to use plastic pots which are not eco friendly & cannot be recycled 

plastic gardening pot
Plastic Gardening Pots

There are more gardening pots available in the market but these are the top 3 different types of gardening pots & containers which are used by most of the gardeners and can be found at local stores & garden centers

It is rightly said that every coin has two sides similarly, every garden pot has advantages & disadvantages. 

Next time when you’re considering buying a new gardening port, We hope this blog will help you make a better choice for your garden. Happy Gardening

Enjoy the warmer months! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below 🙂

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