Plants for Kitchen Gardening

Top 7 plants for Kitchen Garden

Today the concrete world has bought every service close to mankind by reducing the ever-green atmosphere. To sustain the natural need for better living, the human mind is collaboratively working to add more green colours to the surroundings. As the concrete layout above the land is rising, there is a limited place for the plantation. To make it easier, a concept like kitchen gardening has emerged. Kitchen gardening is practised in a limited area where you can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs for kitchen use.  

A small portion acquired with green pigments can add a glorious touch to your setup. Plants at your doorstep make it easy to access for immediate use. And to shape it well, the skills of kitchen planting need to be inculcated.

Here is a list of seven essential plants for the kitchen garden.

  1. Lemon grass
  2. Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  3. Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta)
  4. Coriander
  5. Common mint plant
  6. Marwan
  7. Chilli

Seven essential plants for the kitchen garden:

  • Lemon grass

Lemongrass Plant

The kitchen-based items that are frequently used should be grown. Lemon grass is frequently needed and has great benefits. As it is close to the tropical climate and can help you to heal from the cold, it is best to choose kitchen planting. It comes with several long stalks and measures 4 to 5 feet. 

Let your morning sip add more freshness by adding lemongrass leaves to your hot tea. It is easy to plant and needs limited time and space to grow. With moderated water and sunlight, one can easily add lemongrass to the kitchen garden.

  • Holy Basil ( Tulsi )

Tulsi plant

Our ancestors have brought the collaborative benefits of Holy Basil to us and we worship it accordingly. It comes under a herb and has many medicinal properties. With its several varieties, it is found in many Indian areas. It is easily available and needs a short period to grow. With the help of its seeds and a small cutting, a new plant can be grown, and hence the best suit for kitchen planting.

  • Curry Leaves ( Kadi Patta )

Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta)

We often need curry leaves, as it gives a unique taste to ordinary food. Moreover, their medicinal benefits help one to plant at least one curry leaf. This plant needs a limited water supply and maintenance. In the warm climate, the curry leaves can grow well. As it does not require much attention, it grows well on its own. There is no attack of pests on the planet, rarely does it experience the bugs attack.

  • Coriander 

Coriander plant

To garnish your food and add an organic taste, coriander leaves can be used. You need a small portion to grow, with the intake of limited water the cultivation of it can be done for the household purpose. The seeds with the help of soil can be used to decorate the kitchen garden. Coriander leaves can be sprinkled on any food item, and this reflects a delicious taste to the food. 

Add more green organic colours and improve your kitchen planting.

  • Common mint plant

Fresh Mint plant

Mint leaves are highly fragrant with purple, pink, and white flowers.  It adds good taste and an elegant look to your kitchen garden. In the drained soil and moist atmosphere, the mint plant can grow well. The plant usually prefers to grow in shade to safeguard against sunlight. 

Remember: Mints grow best when they are close to tomato and cabbage plants so they can share nutrients and grow with them.

Take good care of plants by nourishing better fertilizer. Moreover, kitchen waste can be used to add more nutrients.

  • Marwan 

marwan plant

Most magnificent species that has delight, flavour and fragrance. These are annual plants and require good care in the winter season. The moist atmosphere is suitable for the growth of the Marwan plant. It has a special tendency to attract butterflies and other beneficial insects to the kitchen garden. The amount of water required is limited, and it grows well in the situation if there is limited water. 

The kitchen gardener will know the importance of the Marwan plant.

  • Chilli

chili plant

As we need salt in most food items, likewise chilli is the base of many sizzling dishes. Chilli adds a spicy taste to the food and helps to improve metabolism. It is a short plant and requires a limited supply of water to grow. With the help of moderate sunlight and organic waste, the plant can grow well in any season.

Tips for kitchen gardening plants

  • Grow the plant you need
  • Maintain the proper ph and fertility of the soil
  • Use kitchen waste as a fertilizer
  • Nourish your plants with a limited supply of water and sunlight, do not expose them more to harsh sunlight.

Kitchen gardening is the art of decorating a small piece of land with the elegance of nature. Most frequently needed ingredients are now in your kitchen. Be kitchen gardeners of your garden and care for them as your child. Kitchen planting adds a unique touch and makes instant availability.

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